New Thematic Issue on Eating Disorders

Posted: 10.07.2023

A new thematic issue of Consortium Psychiatricum fully dedicated to eating disorders has been published!

The issue brings together papers on various scientific and practical aspects of eating disorders: risk factors, treatment, the role of specialists from related fields in organizing care, neurobiological perspective.

The guest editor of the issue was Prof. Oleg A. Skugarevsky. 

There are 5 original research articles: 

  • on the role of metacognition in the development of low self-esteem and depressive symptoms in patients with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa
  • On the risk factors for disordered eating among adolescent girls
  • On the perception of anorexia nervosa by primary health care practitioners
  • On sociodemographic, biographic, and clinical factors associated with lifetime history of eating disorder in non-psychotic patients with suicidal ideation
  • On non-suicidal self-harm and suicidal risk in adolescent girls with eating disorders.

In the Reviews section:

  • Narrative review on neurobiological basis for drug therapy for eating disorders
  • Scoping review of the prevalence of eating disorders in patients with bipolar disorder 


An opinion article focuses on the possible role of a nutritionist in the team of professionals managing a patient with an eating disorder.

A case report discusses disordered eating in pregnant women and psychotherapeutic strategies for their treatment. 

The traditional rubric on community-based psychiatry around the world describes the experience of Bulgaria.

We continue the rubric on the history of psychiatric hospitals in Russia launched in the previous issue, with a new material on district psychiatric hospitals - from their conception to realization of the most outstanding projects.


We wish you a pleasant reading!

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